Hot Wheels Dodge Copperhead Concept Car 1998 short card (C

  • Brand: Dodge
  • Model: Concept Car
  • Set: n/a
  • Set Number: 35/40
  • Year: 1998
  • Designer: Phil Riehlman

Friki Collector, get this fantastic Hot Wheels Dodge Concept Car of the mainline series with collector number 120 of the year 2002. It is the version long card.

The colors that adorn his bodywork are grey and yellow. This Dodge Concept has most of the details of the body painted in the same color of it, for example, in the front does not have painted headlights but has them well defined in the body. In the hood has two side air intakes sunken causing the central part of it to rise. This makes it much more personality and character when seen from the front. The side is composed of a radical air intake on the front wheel and at the same time radical is its vinyl flames with black edge and filled with gray. It also includes the R/T logo so characteristic of the Dodge of high presatations.

The rear has the details of the body painted in the same green color that bathes the whole car but has details such as the diffuser and exhaust pipes in chrome, which is the same that bathes the entire chassis of the car. Looking at the car from above we see the inside of the car, as it is convertible and flames in the rear following the same style as the side flames, black border and padding in gray.

This car uses 3SP wheels, that is three spoke. This model has the metal chassis and came out for the first time 1998 and was designed by Phil Riehlman and made in China.


Freak Collector, don’t miss this opportunity.